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Our History

ADvocate was founded in response to research conducted by PAWtected CIC.


The research documented the alarming prevalence of discrimination against assistance dog handlers, with 90% reporting barriers accessing services due to their assistance dog. It also highlighted a desperate need for free, universal resources, so we created ADvocate. 


ADvocate was founded in 2023 as a subdivision of PAWtected CIC to help meet the needs of the assistance dog community. 

Our Mission

ADvocate's mission is to reduce the impact of discrimination faced by assistance dog handlers in the UK. We provide education and support regarding assistance dogs. 

Our Services

We use advocacy and education to reduce discrimination faced by assistance dog handlers. Our most important services include: 

  • Online training courses for service providers. 
  • Resources to support assistance dog handlers in self-advocacy.
  • Tracking trends in discrimination experienced by assistance dog handlers

  • Educational resources for young people.